“Endometriosis” describes deposits of ectopic endometrium outside the uterus. In the autonomic denervation-reinnervation view it is NOT the cause of chronic pelvic pain (CPP); the pain is caused by injuries to pelvic nerves. These injuries are caused by difficult first labours, straining on the loo, and, gynaecological surgery (GS Atwal, 2005)

This is not a popular view ! Many doctors make enormous sums of money ablating, or excising, ectopic endometrium. Many patients experience severe pelvic pain every day of their lives ! “Endometriosis” is something to hang their very severe symptoms around, and, will defend the prevailing label and contemporary clinical management ! Injured nerves are far more potent sources of pain but they are not the prevailing explanation. This website will provide the relevant evidence to support the “autonomic denervation” (injuries to nerves) view.